Hyrule Warriors Legends Adds A New “My Fairy” System

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In addition to the new characters and stages being added to Hyrule Warriors Legends for Nintendo 3DS, the game features a new system called “My Fairy” for Adventure Mode. The official website shares the latest details.


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“My Fairy” is a new feature that lets you raise your very own fairy. Using a variety of different food and ware found through Adventure Mode, you can raise fairies and have them join you as reliable partners.


system_myfairy_img1 zelda-musou-ns_151210-1

These fairies can use powerful “Fairy Magic” when you take them out into battle. The fairies also come with their own attributes, so you’ll want to choose the right ones depending on the battles that await.


zelda-musou-ns_151210-3 zelda-musou-ns_151210-2

Once fairies level up, they can learn skills that come in handy for battle. You can also trade skills with friends through local connectivity.


system_myfairy_img6 The food and ware also come in different varieties. You’ll want to plan out which ones to use for your fairies, as they can change the looks and characteristics.



system_adv_cos_link system_adv_cos_girahim

system_adv_cos_fi system_adv_cos_rana

system_adv_cos_darunia system_adv_cos_zant


The above is a look at some of the new costumes.

system_adv_img2 system_adv_img2_2 system_adv_img2_4 system_adv_img2_5

Adventure Mode will now have a new map called “The Great Sea.” It features a bunch of item cards from The Wind Waker.


Hyrule Warriors Legends will release in Japan on January 21, and North America and Europe on March 25, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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