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Hyrule Warriors Newcomer Lana, The White Witch, Revealed



    Earlier today, we reported two new characters who’ll be in Hyrule Warriors, with Agitha from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and an unknown character by the name of Lana. Game Jouhou updated their report with a few more details on Lana, and more.


    According to this week’s Famitsu issue, Lana the White Witch is an original character for Hyrule Warriors, who fights using some sort of magical book by creating walls to blow away enemies. The walls can also be destroyed, causing a shock that damages enemies, as well.


    Additionally, it has been revealed that Hyrule Warriors also has the iconic Hookshot item or weapon, which can be used to reach areas that can’t normally be reached. As previously reported, the moon from Majora’s Mask is in the game, and it’s actually an attack from an enhanced item.


    The update in the Game Jouhou report also indicates that Agitha fights with a parasol as a weapon, along with attacks that summons bugs.


    Hyrule Warriors will be released on August 14 in Japan, September 20 in Europe, and September 26 in North America. You can also, check out Impa and her gigantic long sword in action, here.

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