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I Didn’t Expect Like a Dragon: Ishin’s Sumo Brothel Substory

I Didn’t Expect Like a Dragon: Ishin’s Sumo Brothel Substory Yakuza

The Yakuza series is no stranger to extremely weird substories, and Like a Dragon: Ishin is no different. We’ve seen people in diapers. The Obatarian’s thoroughly beaten Goro, the Mad Dog himself, Majima. Yet even with all that, I really didn’t expect to see a Like a Dragon: Ishin sumo wrestler brothel substory.

Editor’s Note: If you want to be surprised by the Like a Dragon: Ishin Soft and Supple substory, stop reading.

If you haven’t encountered this one yet, you likely haven’t spent much time in Gion. After you progress through the story, you open up this district with more adult pursuits. Ryoma ended up there on work-related business, and I figured taking the palanquin to fast travel back to Fushimi was worth the mon. However, while walking to it, a man stopped me.

He explained he’s just opened a new brothel that hasn’t really gotten a lot of attention yet. As a Yakuza series veteran, I know better than to reject any substory opportunity, and I’ve been opting into any Like a Dragon: Ishin one I can out of curiosity. I’d avoided all the courtesan activities prior to this, but I had to see if there would be a twist.

Boy, was there.

To the credit of this substory, it commits to the bit. Ryoma is brought to a brothel! The owner asks what kind of person would be his type. You can choose “someone diligent and tireless,” “someone deft at giving pleasure,” or “someone with a perfect body.” It’s only after you make that choice that it happens.

The sumo wrestler appears.

Depending on your answer, you’ll see one of three sumo appear. The owner is still 100% committed. No matter which response you pick, he’ll assert how exceptional that particular sumo is. Which, in a way, is heartwarming. He completely believes in his employees. He also recognizes their worth, saying Ryoma needs to pay 10 ryo.

Of course, you don’t agree to that. That’s crazy. Which means all three sumo at the Like a Dragon: Ishin sumo brothel come to try and beat Ryoma up.

I Didn’t Expect Like a Dragon: Ishin’s Sumo Brothel Substory

Winning ends up honestly being rather heartwarming. The owner still fully believes in his particular escorts, but promises to be more honest about exactly what kind of brothel he’s running. There’s no condemnation of people who would want to spend an evening with a sumo wrestler. The owner acknowledges his own wrongdoing in the misunderstanding. You also get 3 ryo, which is always appreciated.

The Like a Dragon: Ishin Soft and Supple substory really encapsulates the extremes the Yakuza series can hit. It can touch on some really unexpected concepts and tastes, but do so in a way that doesn’t end up feeling objectionable or offensive. It’s delightfully silly, and I appreciate that it can still maintain that tone after all these years.

Like a Dragon: Ishin is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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