Icey Is A High-Speed Action Game With An Easily-Irritated Narrator

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Icey is a fast-paced sidescrolling action game taking place in a futuristic world filled with hostile robots, one where a narrator will try (and fail) to talk about your frantic clashes with metallic menaces.




Icey is built around high-speed action, having the players slash, dodge, and counter their way through hordes of living machines. The game offers simple controls, letting players link up moves easily to form elaborate combos with only a few button presses. With these straightforward inputs, the developers hope that the player will create their own play style using the available skills and attacks.


While fighting robots and titantic cyborgs, a narrator will be talking about what is going on and what it suggests the player do next. In a similar vein to The Stanley Parable, though, the player is free to ignore the narrator and go on their own path, agitating the presence that is talking about their behavior. In this way, the player can find many secrets, and also discover the narrator’s hidden role in the game’s events.




Icey is available now on Steam.

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