Iconoclasts’ Wrench Is Good For Puzzles & Pummeling

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Robin, the renegade mechanic heroine of Iconoclasts, will put her wrench to work on some puzzling situations, or just to thump the enemies that get in her way, in this story-fueled Metroidvania.


Iconoclasts takes players across an interwoven world, facing down colossal bosses buried deep within the game’s many locations. Each of these powerful creatures are designed with unique mechanics in mind, mixing puzzles with intricate environmental hazards and cunning enemy attacks to create in-depth boss fights. Robin will need to put her wrench to work on both fixing machines and striking these foes down (although she does have access to more than a few firearms to attack with as well).

Players won’t be fighting and exploring without a narrative reason, though. Iconoclasts boasts an in-depth storyline filled with humor and emotional power, aiming to carry players through their adventure with interesting characters and heart-rending events.


Iconoclasts is available now on Steam, GOG, PS4, and PS Vita.

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