Identity V Will Collaborate With Detective Conan Next Season

Detective Conan Identity VV

The Sherlock Holmes of the Heisei era will make his way to Oletus Manor, as NetEase announced an upcoming Detective Conan collaboration with Identity V. Detective Conan, or Case Closed, was exclusive to the Chinese server and both parts ran from July to September 2020. Though the exact date is still unknown, the Detective Conan essences will appear in Identity V in Season 17.

The characters who will receive a skin are:

  • Orpheus (Conan Edogawa)
  • Orpheus (Shinichi Kudo)
  • Coordinator (Ran Mouri)
  • Lawyer (Kogoro Mouri)
  • Perfumer (Ai Haibara)
  • Forward (Heiji Hattori)
  • Seer (Kaito Kid)
  • Mercenary (Shuichi Akai)
  • Embalmer (Tooru Amuro)
  • Barmaid (Vermouth)

Like the previous Death Note event, the Detective Conan characters will simply replace the survivors in-game. The first round of characters include Conan, Shinichi, Ran, Kogoro, Ai, and Heiji. The second round of essences will have Kaito Kid, Akai, Amuro, and Vermouth. Of these characters, only Orpheus and Seer are getting an S-Tier skin; everyone else is receiving an A-Tier.

Identity V also recently Tweeted information on new content that will appear in the upcoming season. There will be a new hunter (Wax Artist), new survivors (Patient and “Psychologist”), and a new map (Darkwoods).

Detective Conan is a long-running manga and anime series written by Gosho Aoyama. It has been running in Weekly Shonen Sunday since January 1994, and the anime has been airing since January 1996. Detective Conan, though not the entire series, is available on streaming services such as Crunchyroll.

Identity V is readily available worldwide on mobile devices and Windows PC. The game is celebrating its third anniversary. There is less than a week left in Season 16, and the Detective Conan essences will appear on the global server at an unknown date in Season 17.

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