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Idol Death Game TV Trailer Features More Of Its Idols And Their Danganronpa-Style Deaths



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D3 Publisher released the first trailer for Idol Death Game TV, an upcoming PS Vita game that features idols that fight to the death in order to become the center idol.


We previously got a look at how the idols in Idol Death Game TV will fight it out using scandals and rumors as part of “Bakuro Words” in the “Baku Royale” battles. The trailer introduces some of its idols, along with a look at its gameplay and bits of the Baku Royale.


Based on some of the comments by the idols, it sounds like they’re not aware of the situation and how bad it can get. For example, one of the idols in the top screenshot is shown saying “It’s on TV! It’s a live-broadcast! There can’t actually be real deaths!” so it certainly has that Danganronpa or a bit of a Battle Royale vibe going on.


Idol Death Game TV releases in Japan on October 20, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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