Idol Rism Lets You Train Both Male And Female Idols To Stardom


For the most part, videogames about grooming idols either fall squarely into the “For Him” or “For Her” camps—up until now. Upcoming smartphone idol-training rhythm action game Idol Rism is looking to bridge that divide by including both male and female idols at your command for your on-the-go rhythm game pleasure.



The game will include some 22 songs at launch, and players will have to do what they do in every other rhythm game by tapping to the tunes while their chosen idols sing in the background. There does appear to be a twist however, as the screenshots also remind us of puzzle titles such as Puzzle & Dragon’s party of characters. With different symbols for characters it seems we might be able to power up the idols during the songs for some extra damage star power.



Idol Rism launches with 31 idols to choose from such as glasses boy Ichito Haruna or beautiful Sakura Kotohira, with more to come later.



Of course, no such game would be complete without the ability to customize their clothes as well to ensure your aspiring starlet looks her or his best.


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Idol Rism is available on smartphones now and you can sign up for it here.