If Ghost In The Shell And Tron Merged Into An Isometric Shooter

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Lithium City packs a lot of the usual cyberpunk inspirations but its action seems to have enough of a punch to standout.


According to its creator, it’s set in a city not unlike the one in Ghost in the Shell while borrowing visual elements from Tron’s style (those big glowing walls for one).


As to the action, it’s Hotline Miami skewed at an isometric angle with added hand-to-hand combat. Oh, and it seems like you may be able to take at least one bullet (being made of lab-grown nanocarbon muscle) unlike the insta-deaths of Hotline Miami. Plus, you can slide around on the floor to dodge incoming projectiles.


Most of the time you’re charging inside buildings made of narrow corridors and small box rooms. The enemies are robots that fire semi-automatic rifles or use their metal fists and that mostly seem to charge rather than take cover.


What you can see of Lithium City above is only a teaser. It’s still in development and will be coming to Windows and Mac once it’s finished. Find updates on its website.

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