If Mega Man Had A Shenmue-Themed Stage



Animator Peter Sjöstrand has created a video of what a Shenmue-themed stage in an 8-bit Mega Man might look like. He made it in honor of Shenmue 3 being announced and encourages people to contribute to the game’s Kickstarter.


As you’ll see in the video above, Sjöstrand’s imagining of this Mega Man stage has you playing as an 8-bit version of Ryo as he takes on enemies with punches instead of a gun arm. Included in the beating is a capsule toy miniboss, the Mad Angels (with the forklift), and Lan Di.


It also includes a ride on top of a tram and a soccer ball-firing ability as tributes to various quick-time events in Shenmue.

Chris Priestman