If Mega Man’s Greatest Power Was Glitches, You’d Have Glitch Warrior

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Glitch Warrior is clearly inspired by Mega Man. There’s no escaping that. So, while it’s hardly original, it does add an unusual mechanic to the formula: glitch powers.


It’s a 2D action platformer in which enemy spawns, inventory items, and level loading can be manipulated by you, the player. As you progress through the game, you gain new powers that allow you to fiddle with these variables more and more, turning out sometimes unpredictable results.


“The majority of what you see in Glitch Warrior, from spawns to which screen will load next, is stored in a series of memory banks. The game is constantly consulting these banks and the variables stored in them to determine what to do next. What the player is able to do, through a series of unlockable powers, is manipulate and swap around these variables,” writes the game’s creators.



So, while glitches in the game are at your behest, it doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily going to alter the game to turn it in your favor. You might add a glitch that spawns tens of the same boss in the next room, making it near-impossible, to beat. But, perhaps just as likely, you could run through the level as an untouchable god. It’s a game that wants you to experiment with glitches and the strange, and sometimes funny results they offer.


If you’re interested in seeing this idea fully developed then you can show your support by backing Glitch Warrior on Kickstarter, giving it a vote on Steam Greenlight, or spreading the word.

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