If Mirror’s Edge Took Place In Miyazaki-Esque Worlds

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Simply put, Failsafe is a first-person parkour game that will have you journeying through beautiful lost worlds. It’s currently up on Kickstarter where the team is seeking $80,000 to complete the game by summer 2016.


Its creators would go further, bringing in their various to the description, saying that it’s a “a first person parkour adventure game reminiscent of the fluidity of Journey, the monolithic scale of Shadow of the Colossus, and the stylization of Hayao Miyazaki.”


In it, you’ll play as a young girl called Isra as she explores a mysterious civilization in a place known as “The Forgotten.” Her uncle takes her there as he travels there at the end of every cycle so their people will survive.


As Isra, the idea is that you can perform fluid parkour across the ancient structures, exploring vast sprawling environments – being able to wall-run, wall-jump, slide, and vault all with a single button.


Isra also has a grappling hook that she can use to swing across gaps to aid in her ascent to huge heights. Her other tool is a robot called XJ that lets her interact with the mechanisms in the architecture to open up the way, but only if she asks nicely.


The team working on Failsafe includes creative director Seiji Tanaka (worked on Journey as an animator), environment artist Makoto Fujiwara (credits include Shadows of the Damned and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots), and writer Antony Burch (who wrote Borderlands 2).


Failsafe is currently in alpha and will be heading to PC. The team also hopes to bring it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One providing console arrangements go smoothly.

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