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It has been six years since If My Heart Had Wings: Flight Diary, the If My Heart Had Wings fandisc, was released in Japan. Now, it is finally being released in other regions. On February 27, 2019, it will be released for Windows PCs.  As a reminder, the original If My Heart Had Wings was released outside of Japan on June 28, 2013.

The original If My Heart Had Wings followed Aoi Minase, a young man who was injured in an accident and can no longer become a glider racer. He heads back to Kazegaura, his hometown and, after meeting with a young woman in a wheelchair named Kotori and reuniting with his childhood friend Ageha, decides to help reinstate his school’s Soaring Club. In the fandisc, people get six additional stories set in the same world and following some of the same characters.

Here are the official descriptions of the six If My Heart Had Wings: Flight Diary stories from the Steam product listing.

Inherited Wings: Soaring Club Epilogue

The vivid colors of summer have long become familiar and normal. One boy searches for the continuation to yesterday’s answer…
Aoi has made the decision to quit the club once the summer ends.
But the Soaring Club is now faced by a certain problem.
It’s the sort of problem for which answers will not come easily.
Kotori is plagued with anxiety.
In this place to which she had once escaped, she had found hope – the hope to dream.
But it’s that very dream itself that she now can’t seem to find…
This is the tale of Kotori and Aoi, two birds locked in a cage, finding the courage to spread their wings to their own “next sky”.

Wings of Dreams: Soaring Club Prologue

The wings of dreams fly on a new wind.
Amane has found the answer she was promised.
Her dream of crossing through the corridor of the clouds together with her new friends has been fulfilled.
She’s filled with nostalgic memories…
Isuka’s heart pounds as she hears this.
With everyone so radiant, she feels an overwhelming sense of pressure and pain.
“I want to experience this miraculous sky, one more time…”
Thus begins the prologue to a new tale about friends managing to come together once again.

Inexpressible Emotion: Hotaru

The story of Hotaru Himegi.
Production is underway on a promotional video to pique the interest of next year’s batch of new students.
In the process, a mistake on Hotaru’s part causes Aoi to injure his knee.
Haunted by a feeling of responsibility for the accident, Hotaru volunteers to help out Aoi’s mother at Flying Fish Manor.
“I’ll do anything. Please, just ask – Master Ao-nii.”

Unfamiliar Answer: Kanako

The story of Kanako Sigure.
A typhoon has forced the postponement of the first test flight of the school year.
Apart from the occasional spot of trouble here and there, it was a regular day like any other.
As Kanako wakes up in the morning, she immediately realizes that she hadn’t been sleeping in her own bed – but Aoi’s.
A young man and woman spending an entire night alone together.
It would actually be stranger if nothing whatsoever had happened…
“Have I… made a mistake?”

The Kazato Sisters: A Day in the Life

This story takes place after you begin dating the Kazato sisters in the main story.

The Day I Found My Wings

In this story you can read the events of the main story in a novel written from Kotori’s perspective.

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If My Heart Had Wings is immediately available for PCs. If My Heart Had Wings: Flight Diary will be available in English and Simplified Chinese on PCs outside Japan on February 27, 2019.

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