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If They Made A Game Based On Cutting Grass In Zelda, This Would Be It



Have you ever played the earlier The Legend of Zelda games and just felt the need to cut all the grass? Well, if you’re into grass-cutting in action RPGs, The Legend of Kusakari: The Legend of Shiba Kaarii is your dream come true.



Shiba Kaarii isn’t looking for glory or to save the world, he simply wants heroes to be able to fight with comfort, so he made it his goal to cut all the grass in the battlefield to make it easier for them.


The battlefields consist of all kinds of different monsters, and you can even see heroes fighting other monsters while you’re out there to cut grass. Even though Shiba is out there just to cut grass, monsters still hurt him, so you’ll want to be careful.


There are two main modes. Mission Mode consists of 50 different stages, while Endless Mode pits you in an endless stage with all the grass-cutting you could wish for, which ends once your life hits zero.


The premise of The Legend of Kusakari is pretty simple: you just need to go where there’s grass to cut. That said, the developers say that it achieving a high score requires proper technique. You can also level your “Spinning Grass Cut” move by up to four levels, which increases its effects.


Additionally, there’s also an extra fun bonus, where you can meet requirements for each stage in Mission Mode, which unlocks a “Fun Grass” feature that gets added to the “Grass Dictionary”.


The logo screen certainly looks like something from The Legend of Zelda, and towards the end of the trailer, they also have something that sounds like a victory chime from a game I played before


The Legend of Kusakari: The Legend of Shiba Kaarii is currently available on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in Japan for 300 yen.

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