If You Enjoy Fatal Frame, You Might Like Indie Game DreadOut


    Horror games with an Asian setting tend to be rare. Fatal Frame and Siren are the only two prominent names that come to mind, although, there is the lesser-known Ju-On: The Grudge game from AQ Interactive, too. An indie developer named Digital Happiness is looking to make their own name in this space with a game titled DreadOut. They even have a playable demo that you can try out.


    DreadOut is an indie game that’s being crowdfunded via IndieGoGo, and is set in Indonesia, featuring a cursed city housing spirits based on Indonesian mythology. Here’s a brief summary of the game’s story, copied from the game’s website:


    When a group of high school student astray from their vacation trip, they discover an old deserted town. Soon they realized that something sinister is about to happen when they entered the town. Linda as the main protagonist, soon realized that something different / mystical is happening to her. She suddenly have a spiritual power that maybe can save her and their friends from the unknown.


    The main character will use her modern gadget such as; Smartphone, Digital camera, and Digital Video Camera to interact with the various kind of East Asian Mythical Ghost that you never seen before and also to help her solve the puzzles of the deserted town.


    If that sounds like Fatal Frame, it’s supposed to. Digital Happiness say, “If you love Fatal Frame you certainly enjoy playing this game.” They’re asking for $25,000 in contributions to help complete, and are already almost at their goal. They’ve acquired nearly $20,000, with three days left to go until their IndieGoGo campaign comes to an end.


    DreadOut is scheduled for release this year and is also up for voting on the Steam Greenlight program.


    Ishaan Sahdev
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