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Ifrit, Moogles, And Chocobos In New Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Screenshots,


Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy features music from Final Fantasies I – XIII. Here’s what the series selection screen looks like in the game:


There are three types of stages in Theatrhythm: Event Music Stages (EMS), Field Music Stages (FMS) and Battle Music Stages (BMS). EMS involve playing  over CG cutscenes from the different games, such as the dance between Squall and Rinoa. FMS have your character walking around, like the scene from the trailer with Terra’s Theme. If you miss a beat in these scenes, your character trips and falls over, like shown below:


If you play well, however, you could end up trekking your way to a Moogle, who will gift you with treasure. If you hit blue notes on time, a Chocobo will appear and you’ll be able to move a certain distance at a faster pace:



Finally, BMS are the battles, which involve up-tempo songs. Party organization in Theatrhythm is possible for battles. As detailed in our recent hands-on, battles have branch points. Blue notes appear in the middle of songs, and if you tap them, you can summon Espers/GFs like Ifrit:


Here’s a look at party organization screens. You can even select items to take into battle, such as potions:


Characters in your party have stats, too, that affect damage taken, damage dealt, item drop rate and so on. They can also use abilities.



Characters can gain experience and you can invest Rhythm Points into making them more powerful by increasing these stats.


Finally, here’s a good look at the characters representing each game, and some of the monsters that you’ll get to battle during the BMS as well:



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