IGF China Winner’s Spiritual Successor Is A Creepy, Sound-Based Horror Game


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Singapore-based studio Gattai Games is currently in production of its sound-based horror game Stifled. You can watch the concept teaser in the video above.


Stifled is microphone-enabled so by making noises you can send out sound waves into the game world, navigating using echo location. If you don’t do this then you’ll be faced with a completely black environment unless other objects are making sounds.


As you near certain areas, you’ll see visions of what the echo location can’t show, and as you can see in the video above, those scenes involve murder, deprivation, and will probably be quite shocking.



That’s not the only source of horror, either. The game’s big catch is that there are creatures in the environments with you that you’ll want to avoid. But in making noises you risk alerting them to your location. So if you are prone to screaming then you probably won’t survive for very long.


Stifled is the spiritual successor to the Gattai’s student game Lurking. That game won the Best Student Game and Excellence in Technology awards at the 2014 IGF China. It was also a SOWN nominee at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show and was a Gamer’s Voice Nominee at SXSW 2015.


You can find out more about Stifled on its website.

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