docomods.jpgI still can’t believe Docomodake DS is getting localized. It’s really happening and Europe gets it in English this fall. Ignition Entertainment has a cultural barrier to cross since the famous Japanese mobile phone mascot isn’t well known outside Japan. Their plan is to introduce the family of mushrooms via a promotional webpage.


I think Ignition should have worked with AQ Interactive to sprite swap the character with a niche franchise like Uglydolls or Harold & Kumar. On second thought, the burger world dream sequence would have worked with the game, but that wouldn’t be commercially viable. Maybe AQ Interactive was on the right track when they plugged Stitch as an alternate main character.


It’s way too late for any changes now and I’m more interested to see if they can successfully make Docomodake appealing to gamers who don’t have a clue who he is. Good luck out there Ignition!


Images courtesy of Ignition Entertainment.

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