While Ignition Entertainment are currently in the business of publishing packaged Japanese games, the company’s long-term goal is to expand into the lucrative digital space, with a focus on downloadable networks like Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, iTunes and Steam, and the social games space on platforms such as Google and Facebook.


This move to digital, Ignition revealed, will be accompanied by a company re-branding. Going forward, the publisher will be named “UTV Ignition Entertainment”, indicating its ties to parent company UTV Software Communications.


Ignition will also be investing in direct-to-user marketing and building their own digital gaming communities.


“To begin, we’ll be investing to work with the industry’s best talent to create outstanding games at mass market new price-points,” said Hassan Sadiq, chairman of UTV Ignition Entertainment.


“With gaming across new platforms, such as social networking and mobile devices, becoming ever more popular, it’s important we can engage users directly to foster two-way dialogue and offer the best gaming experiences for them.”


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