Ikaruga Devs Fought Hand-To-Hand With Steam Contract And Won

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As previously reported, Treasure have managed to wrangle its way through a Steam Greenlight to get things ready for classic shoot-em-up Ikaruga.


However, gamers chomping at the bit for the game will have to wait a little bit longer. While Ikaruga is pretty much ready to go—complete with mouse and keyboard support!—it still needs to be run through bug testing and be integrated with Steam alongside some other, minor adjustments, Treasure have revealed on Twitter.


It seems as though those aren’t the only hurdles to getting the game onto Steam—especially since Treasure are a Japanese developer, and and Valve apparently use non-Japanese-friendly English contracts from the sound of things.


Treasure say their reading of the entire English contract was a complete “hand to hand fight,” when one has to not just read a long contract but one entirely in a foreign language. Luckily, they’re being good sports about it. “It is entirely a company’s important mission to fight hand-to-hand with contracts,” they tweeted solemnly.


We can almost imagine them with a dangly cigarillo and bloodied fists, the crumpled remains of the contract signed messily in their blood. Oh, and expect Ikaruga on PC to be here either by the end of the month or possibly early next month, they added.


You can read more about Ikaruga’s features that will make it to the PC version on its Steam page here.

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