Ikaruga-esque Platformer Outland Now Out On PC



    Housemarque’s Outland has been available on Xbox 360 and PS3 since 2011, but now this Ikaruga-like platformer is available on PC, at long last.


    Outland takes place in a world that is caught between Chaos and Balance. You play a guy that attempts to bridge that divide by switching between the two representative colors of these opposing orders – blue and red.


    What this means in terms of playing the game is that you have to perform platforming feats while looking out for bullet patterns consisting of blue and red particles. You can absorb the bullets if you match their color, but if you don’t then they going to damage you.



    As you travel through the mystical ancient world, you gain powers from large shrines that draw from the light and dark energy.  As it’s designed in a way Metroidvania fashion, unlocking these new abilities means that you can venture into new areas, and even find secrets, when going back over old ground.


    Outland was revered for its beautiful visual style and varied challenges when released back in 2011. This PC version is, essentially, not different so it should be just as good as it always was.


    You can purchase Outland on Steam for $9.99, or you can spend $13.99 to get the art book and soundtrack along with it.

    Chris Priestman

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