Ikenfell Is A Cute JRPG Set In A School For Witches & Wizards



When her sister goes missing, Maritte heads to the magical school she attended to find out what happened to her in JRPG Ikenfell.




With the launch of the game’s Kickstarter campaign, a few more details have released on how it will play. Ikenfell will feature turn-based combat using magical duels. These will involve timed button presses that will increase power or reduce damage, keeping players engaged with the combat.




Players won’t just be fighting through the halls of the school. Many oddball characters will be there for players to meet, and the school holds many secrets, including items, spells, and equipment.




Ikenfell’s score is being composed by aivi & surasshu, who have also composed a great deal of the music for Steven Universe.




Ikenfell is striving to raise $25000 for its development, already raising over half that amount in a single day.

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