Illustrator Releases Final Fantasy VII Speed Painting Collection As Free Digital Art Book



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Illustrator Lap Pun Cheung has now finished the series of Final Fantasy VII cinematic speed paintings that Siliconera previously interviewed him about. With that, he’s released the entire collection as a free digital art book.


Cheung started the project in November 2014 and finished it up in April 2015. The 130 speed paintings capture the entire game from start to finish, all of which are arranged in order inside the collection, and some of which Cheung has added notes underneath to explain their context.


Also included is a small introduction to the project written by Cheung. All of the paintings are also provided as thumbnails, and Cheung has also included additional Final Fantasy VII fan art that he has produced, including milk moustache Tifa. There’s also a nod to Nobuo Uematsu at the beginning of the art book that says “Your music continues to inspire me” – many of the speed paintings are dedicated to songs from the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, too.



You can download the digital art book as a PDF. Here’s the high quality version: download (80MB). And here’s the lower quality version for those that want it for whatever reason: download (10.9MB).


For more of Cheung’s work, check out his Art Station page. He’s also on LinkedIn.

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