I’m Fascinated by All the Tom and Jerry Merchandise in Japan
Image via Takara Tomy and Warner Bros

I’m Fascinated by All the Tom and Jerry Merchandise From Japan

If you follow Japanese merchandise sites, you might have already realized that Tom and Jerry is surprisingly popular in Japan. So much so that Cartoon Network Japan even aired short, incredibly cute episodes of an original anime based on the duo. I mean, look at this.

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But what I love about this is both the range and execution of such things. The array of items are really embracing the nostalgia of the series. Yes, we have that incredibly cute spin-off Warner Bros. did based on the characters. However the majority of the actual Tom and Jerry merchandise we’re seeing on a regular basis embrace the original designs and characters, as well as the absurdity that goes along with them. 

For example, there were two Banpresto Ichiban Kuji featuring the characters, with one that appeared in February 2023 and another in February 2024. The former was a more peaceful one with the “always together morning till night” one with a blanket, figures, keychains, and towels of the cat and mouse generally relaxing together. The more recent “one peaceful day” one featured a plush of Tom hugging Jerry, another figure, and more keychains and accessories. They’re these really wholesome ones that show both of the characters at their best. 

Even the Japanese Warner Bros store direct is just packed with things I didn’t expect. Like sure, there are the sorts of keychains and novelties like chocolates that you’d probably expect. I didn’t expect things like ¥6,600 (~$44) wallets and ¥4,620 (~$31) grocery bags, but there they are. Even more shocking was the fact there’s a themed hot plate (complete with takoyaki insert) that not only came in at ¥12,900 (~$87), but sold out

Image via Warner Bros Store Japan

Speaking of the more expensive items, did you know that costly accessories involving Tom and Jerry characters are incredibly common? I had no idea. But a quick peek even showed Q-pot is releasing jewelry that, once again, is selling out and involving the cat and mouse. Some are pretty normal, like Jerry perched on a wedge of cheese as a charm or necklace. But the companies making them are embracing the more absurd nature of the duo too. For example, there’s an $82.80 Tom double finger ring. It makes it look like the cat is trapped between two of a person’s fingers. It calls to mind some of the more slapstick scenes. 

It’s that absurdity that perhaps makes Takara Tomy’s various merchandise and toys based on Tom and Jerry the best pieces of all. Like as I’m search for ideas for topics to cover for news and such, happening upon these gachapon keychains and figures makes my day. There’s the Yummy Food line, which puts Tom, Jerry, and Tuffy/Nibbles in various food items like sandwiches. The cube and squashed Toms in the Funny Art Collection 4 are great. (Though maybe the Funny Art Collection 3 with paper doll tail Tom is better?) I almost imported a 3D rubber mascot keychain of “Waffle Jerry.” 

I guess it’s just really amusing to see these different takes and ways another country is appreciating characters I didn’t expect them to enjoy so much. Which means getting to see Tom and Jerry merchandise that makes me realize that oh, right, I used to love that show as a kid too. (Though I still 100% believe Jerry could be a jerk.) Plus, exploring the items means getting to see some silly things brought back to life.

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