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We’ll keep this short, since there’s only so much you can say about a comedy series without giving away the surprise or boring people.


The World God Only Knows is the story of Katsuragi Keima. Seventeen years old. Born on June 6th at 11:29:35 AM. Loves his PFP game system on which he spends every waking hour of every day playing dating-sims.


Katsuragi is known amongst peers as the God of capturing women…2D women, that is. He has no interest in real girls whatsoever, and he’s perfectly happy paving the perfect path to victory in every route of every dating game he plays. He also possesses a thorough knowledge of every 2D anime girl stereotype in existence.



One day, Katsuragi accidentally makes a contract with a great demon. The souls of several girls all over the city he lives in are infected by demons. The only way to free them is by making them feel for him, allowing himself to replace the demon in their hearts. Once he’s freed a girl’s soul, she forgets all about the incident, allowing him to move on to the next one.


If Katsuragi fails in his mission, he gets his head blown off by a demon collar strapped around his neck (seriously). At this point, he begins to compile a list of games to complete before accepting his death.



Of course, another demon, appointed to be his assistant in this endeavour is having none of it, since her life is at stake, too. And so, Katsuragi sets out with the aid of his newly-appointed assistant to put his 2D anime girl-capturing skills to use in the real world…with some amusing results.



The World God Only Knows isn’t the funniest anime series you’ll come across, but it’s unique enough in its meta dating-sim humour to keep your attention if you’re a fan of that genre of games.


To the show’s credit, Katsuragi’s route to capturing a girl is never perfect and you’ll see him use his intimate knowledge of 2D girls to think on his feet and adapt a lot when the real world starts to throw a few surprises his way. A true dating-sim master.


There’s at least a single of these twists in every episode, too, which keeps things interesting, and I have to admit, watching someone point out pigtails, low height and an arrogant demeanour as the perfect example of a tsundere — only to be completely proven right — is hilarious.


Food for thought:


Amusingly, the PFP has two analog nubs.

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