Nintendo Switch

Imprisoned Palm Refrain Gets a New Trailer, Releases for Switch in Japan on March 13, 2020


Capcom announced that its skinship otome game sequel Imprisoned Palm Refrain will release for Switch in Japan this March.

Imprisoned Palm Refrain is a sequel to Imprisoned Palm which first released for smartphones in Japan in 2015 as a “through the glass experience” visual novel. The original Imprisoned Palm released for Switch last August and its sequel will follow with similar features.

Imprisoned Palm Refrain Switch

Similar to Imprisoned Palm on Switch, you can play on the big screen with TV Mode while using Joy-Con or a Nintendo Switch Pro controller. There are some parts of the game that use gyro functions which can be done with the left stick.

Imprisoned Palm Refrain Switch

For Portable Mode you can play on the Switch as you would on smartphones. Similar to the mobile version, it uses touch and gyro functions to play.

Imprisoned Palm Refrain releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on March 13, 2020. It is currently available for iOS and Android in Japan. Check out a trailer for the smartphone version here.

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