In Crystal Gun Girl, You Absorb The Power Of Fallen Titans To Take On New Forms



Crystal Gun Girl: Legend of the Golden Garden is a 2D action-platformer that’s been in development for about two years now. It resembles games such as classic Mega Man but has enough of its own personality to be considered without the comparison.


This is proven in the developer’s latest update, which focuses on how you can collect “Titan Essence” after defeating the game’s larger bosses, and turning that into a power for Rose – the titular Crystal Gun Girl – to use.


Above you can see Stormera, the Titan of Lightning, with its three heads, each of which are able to attack with a different weather component. The Goat is capable of using lightning attacks, the Lion fires off gusts of wind, and the Snake uses water-based attacks.


As said, once defeated, Rose gets the Titan Essence, which contains the titan’s powers. Rose can use these to created different Forms that each have their own advantages and setbacks. The one being demonstrated in the screenshot above is called Raging Storm and it sees all three heads of Stormera appear around Rose.


In this Form, the Form Meter drains, so when it reaches zero Rose will be returned to her normal state. While in different Forms, Rose can use alternate attacks, some of which may be used to solve puzzles in the environment. It also changes some of Rose’s abilities – for Raging Storm, she’s unable to be paralyzed, and can jump higher and slow faller.


There are also Hyper Attacks that drain the Form Meter completely but dish out high damage. If you click on this you’ll see the Hyper Attack for Raging Storm. That’s all for now but follow Crystal Gun Girl’s development blog or its IndieDB page for more info.

Chris Priestman