Red Hook Games has released its psychological turn-based dungeon crawler Darkest Dungeon on Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac. You can purchase it for $19.99.


It has you recruiting a team of heroes to battle through gothic environments, from creepy forests to oppressive underground lairs. What makes Darkest Dungeon stand out from other games like it is its Affliction System.


Yep, as your heroes traipse through depravity and death, they’ll have to battle both monsters and psychological stress. Each hero is flawed in their own way, which might see them struck with paranoia, fear of the dark, or making irrational conclusions that lead them to act strangely. Some are masochistic and will willingly take damage.



You’ll have to try to help them checking them in at nearby towns to visit the tavern or abbey. When sitting around campfires you can also have those in better spirits give speeches to try to motivate the rest of them.


In the Early Access version there are 10 hero classes to try out, three dungeon environments to battle through, dozens of monsters, and over 130 items to collect. It’s a game that explores what it would be like to be the hero of a game while dealing with apprehension and fear.


You can find out more about Darkest Dungeon on its website.

Chris Priestman

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