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In Disgaea 7 Weyasu is a Party Boy Shogun

Disgaea 7 Weyasu

The next character trailer for Disgaea 7 introduces Weyasu, the party boy Shogun of the Oedo Shogunate. Another of the named major characters in Disgaea 7, Weyasu is voiced by Takuma Terashima. Terashima also voiced Shiroe in Log Horizon, Shiki in Edens Zero, and Otoya in Uta no Prince-sama.

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Check out Weyasu’s trailer below.

Based on the official website, Weyasu is described as the “cowardly, narcissistic, gadabout Shogun of Oedo.” He loves women, but women everywhere, down to his household staff, give him the side-eye. Rather than think about his future, he spends his days partying at banquets and hiring the services of Maiko (apprentice geisha). Despite his infamy as a mere “ornamental” shogun without real power, he does have enough talent to wield one of the Seven Weapons of the Founders, the Holy Staff Tokugawa Tenge. This suggests that he might be able to make something of himself, if he puts his mind to it.

The trailer also shows off some character moments from Weyasu in Disgaea 7. His lines show him using a distinctive pronoun for himself (“ore-pippi”), and showing off one of his unique moves. The move, called “Amped Up Party Night,” puts him in a DJ booth. There he throws a rager for his allies that heals them for at least 73,090,000 HP.

Disgaea 7 comes out for the Switch, PS4, and PS5 on January 26, 2023. Check out Fuji’s character trailer here.

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