imageJust in case you need to rapidly shoot out emoticons, Konami added a dial-an-emoticon system to Otomedius Excellent. During online games players can use the right analog stick to select an emoticon and pull the right trigger to greet another player or show them your character’s guts pose.


Otomedius Excellent has offline (that’s new for the console Otomedius games) and online multiplayer. You can play with a friend or search for people to play with the Xbox Live party search option.


For players that want to show off their shooting skills, Konami added a score attack mode. You can post your score to the online leaderboards and share a replay video after a run. Score attack mode doesn’t allow players to continue if their ship gets shot down.


Konami has Otomedius Excellent set for March 24 in Japan. While Konami announced the title for North America, they haven’t said much about it after the initial announcement.

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