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Inazuma Eleven Ares Is Now Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes


great road of heroes

Level-5 has released a screeenshot for Inazuma Eleven Ares for the first time since the game’s development reboot, as well as a message that also announces a name change from Inazuma Eleven Ares to Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes.


In the blog post, Level-5 president Hino apologized for the misjudgments that led to the many delays of the game, to the point that the anime ended before the game released. While most of the games have had Level-5 do most of the game design, then entrust it to an outsourced development studio for actual development, for this title they have switched to complete in-house development to reach a higher quality.


They’ve also retooled the game’s systems in order to make matches more heated, and have decided to change the name to Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes, as while the game will still be based on the drama shown in Inazuma Eleven Ares, it will also have new episodes where characters from previous games will also appear, so it’s essentially a completely new title.


The game’s release date has been changed to Spring 2020, and the above new screenshot was released. This game will allow the player to direct the characters freely to where they want them to go, like in previous games. In order to add in some eSports elements, they’ve further strengthened the team selection, versus, and some hack and slash elements, in order to make a new type of RPG. They’re hoping to also add in a deep online feature that can even be used in national tournaments.


Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes is in development for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, and is set for Spring 2020. The West originally had a 2019 release date, and this will likely be pushed to 2020 as well.

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