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Inazuma Eleven Coming To Europe In 2010 In an interview with Cubed3, Level-5 president Akihiro Hino confirmed that both the Inazuma Eleven anime and [first] game are going to be released in Europe in 2010, to coincide with the Fifa World Cup. Here’s the snippet where he discusses the company’s release plans:


AR: Inazuma Eleven is a fantastic mix of clever touch-screen football and an engrossing RPG experience that would definitely appeal to the European market. Will the first DS game ever be released here? Or are you waiting for the anime show to come on European TV first?


Hino-san: The anime show for ‘Inazuma Eleven’ is already signed up and under way, ready to go on air across Europe and we are now planning the on-air timetable, considering the FIFA World Cup 2010 period for launch. As for the first DS video game, we will make the announcement when we are ready to.


Finally, a confirmation of an English release. Even if it’s only in Europe, it’s much better than no English language version at all. 2010 just keeps getting better.


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