Level 5 have two Inazuma Eleven games planned for release this year. The first one is Inazuma Eleven Strikers for the Wii, a more traditional multiplayer take on the fantasy soccer series. The second is a follow-up to the immensely popular RPGs, Inazuma Eleven Go, on the Nintendo 3DS.


Inazuma Eleven Go takes place ten years after the original trilogy of games, and starts a new protagonist, Matsukaze Tenma. Like the original series, Go takes place at Raimon Jr. High school.


Here’s an announcement trailer for the game from earlier in the year, in case you happened to miss it. You can find images of some of the characters on the game’s website as well. An anime series based on the story began to air in Japan last month, too.


Level 5 announced today that Inazuma Eleven Go will be released this winter. While they’ve been coy about revealing specific details, they’ve promised new game systems that will set it apart from previous games in the series.


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