Indie Flight Shooter Wing of Darkness Boosts Into Action With A New Trailer

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We haven’t heard much about the indie high-speed flight shooter game Wing of Darkness since its announcement in Famitsu in January, but this week a new trailer was released for the game by developer Production Exabilities.


Check out the trailer below:

Everything has fallen into Darkness. Do you have the what it takes to liberate humanity?


Here’s the story of the game, as described on the official site:

The world was at war, halted only by a common enemy.

The combined military forces unable to defeat the Blanker, were on the brink of annihilation.

Hope was found by chance, through the development of the HELT-System, an Anti-Blanker armament.

​Managing to fell a Blanker through the use of the new weapon, they were also able to discover that its female pilot, was an integral part of the success of their achievement.

​Klara, a seemingly average person, has her life thrown into a whirlwind when she is recruited as a new Fräulein. Here her journey of self-discovery begins.


Wing of Darkness is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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