Indie RPG Shiness Shows Off Combat And Exploration In First Gameplay Trailer


French studio Enigami has released the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming action-RPG Shiness. The game is due out for PC in 2016. Watch the trailer above.


The trailer gives a quick overview of the lands of Mahera, which are fragmented and require the game’s five anthropomorphic heroes to go on a journey to restore them and unify the disparate civilizations.


Each character you can play as has their own abilities that let you deal with obstacles in different ways: “choose to destroy a giant rock blocking your way with pure strength, or use kinetic powers to activate mechanisms that will open a secret door.”


Combat in Shiness is in real-time and will have you mixing melee combos with magic, as well as parries and blocks. You’ll gain experience to level up characters as you progress, learning new skills and spells so as to deal with the greater challenges.

Chris Priestman