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Indivisible Will Finally Bring Its Valkyrie Profile-Like Adventuring To Most Platforms In October 2019



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Lab Zero’s Indivisible finally has release dates! On October 8, 2019, people will be able to get it on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in North America, while it will show up worldwide on October 11, 2019. Digital and physical PlayStation 4 and Xbox One copies will be available.


An Indivisible preorder promotion is in effect on Steam that brings a little Valve into the game. People will get a pet to follow Ajna, the lead character. It is a little Tapir named Roti. There will also be different skins, like one inspired by Chell, and a Companion Cube.


Indivisible_Screenshot_CompanionCube Indivisible_Screenshot_Chell


However, this launch window doesn’t apply to all consoles. The Nintendo Switch version is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2019.


After Ajna’s hometown is attacked, she gains the ability to meet incarnations of people. These can be recruited as characters as she pulls their sense of selves into herself, then brought into battles to fight alongside her. (It is a process similar to the way Lenneth would gather the souls of those who would become Einherjar to fight alongside her in Valkyrie Profile.) When a battle triggers, each of the four characters in the party is assigned to an action button and you string together combos to attack foes.


Here is the latest Indivisible trailer.



Indivisible will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in North America on October 8, 2019 and worldwide on October 11, 2019. The Nintendo Switch version will arrive in 2019.

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