Infiltrate A Luxurious Cyberpunk World Of Robots In 5734L3R

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After being cancelled in early 2013, 5734L3R has now been officially resurrected, and it sure is looking pretty. Check out the new trailer above.


If you don’t know 5734L3R is a cyberpunk stealth / puzzle game about a robot that has arrived in a world to which it is a stranger in order to steal something very important.


As its creator says, 5734L3R is “not a game about gameplay, but about the world you are in.” And what a world it is: pink structures that stretch towards a pale sky, towers and coils of luxurious circuitry, and insectoid ships that travel at rapid speeds.


This world is one of machine. There are no humans, and it is said that there may never have been, not on this world. And so its inhabitants, alphabet, and architecture is all mechanical.


As this unknown robot, you’ll be using stealth to get across the world, solving puzzles to get access to restricted areas, hacking  a network to turn enemies into allies, and rising up the hierarchy of robots to get admin access.


You can find out more about 5734L3R on its new website. It’s there that you can also donate towards the project which, it says, will help to speed up its development. It’s worth going there just to see all the new gifs and images in any case.

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