INheritage: Boundary of Existence Is A Bullet Hell With A Focus On Story

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Just because bullet hell shooters are normally associated with Japan doesn’t make the country the sole owner of the genre. For instance, Indonesia has put out its own spin on the genre with INheritage: Boundary of Existence—an iOS game which features parts of the Indonesian culture.


It’s also got a visual novel storyline weaved into its plot along with fully voice-acted dialogue, and players control a character who might have hurt the one they love with… their ego?


Now, one might think it a little hard to control a bullet hell game which relies on precise movements to survive the bevy of blows being shot at your character on screen, but developers Tinker Games—based in Bandung, Indonesia—has promised that the game features a “smooth and unique hand gesture” system to help out with that.




Additionally, what we usually call “Options”—the little things that tag along with your ship/character and shoot various other bullets—are called Rakyan here and you’ll be able to unleash special attacks as well to help clear the screen in a pinch. INheritage also promises full voiced dialogue, and the graphics look pretty on-par with others in the Japanese style of manga-inspired artwork.


INheritage: Boundary of Existence is out now on iOS.


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