Last we heard about the latest version of arcade racing game Initial D: Arcade Stage 8 Infinity, it was doing location tests and getting ready for release. 


Well, the wait’s over. The game was released recently, and above you can listen to the heart thumping race track opening with band m.o.v.e.’s Outsoar the Rainbow track.



This is not to be confused with the Nintendo 3DS title Initial D: Perfect Shift Online, which is a free-to-play racer where you use character cards, cars and shift gears up and down strategically to beat foes. This arcade game is just plain old street racing. See for yourself with this video showing gameplay and mechanics.



Initial D: Arcade Stage 8 Infinity features a new Factory mode and a D Coin function to buy new parts for your car. Yes, like pretty much every other game in Japan these days, you’ll be able to get your own personalized card which tracks your stats, unlocked items and saved car specs.


Interestingly, once a week you’ll also get a “free continue” ticket to keep you coming back. There’s also a newbie mode for players who don’t know the intricacies of how to drift but want to get into the game—Considering how obtuse drifting can be to outsiders, this is pretty cool news.


Initial D: Arcade Stage 8 Infinity is out now in arcades.


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