Initial D The Arcade Will Drift Into Arcades With Four-Man Races

Initial D The Arcade

Players will soon get to drift on Japan’s mountainous slopes once again, as Sega has announced a new Initial D arcade racing game. Simply titled Initial D The Arcade, it will be the latest in the line of games that began in 2002. All of them are based on a manga that is still popular to this day. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The biggest new feature in this game will be the introduction of 4-person multiplayer for players within the same store. Previous modes like Story Mode (based on the original manga), online 1v1 battles, and Time Trials will also be returning.

Initial D The Arcade

Initial d the arcade

Another big change is that the game has been made to look more realistic, compared to past entries. This applies to car models. The courses themselves will be based on actual, real-life roads. Car controls will be more sensitive to players’ inputs, so that every move will have direct feedback.

While it’s currently unknown when the arcade game will begin service in Japan, there will be an early access event on July 23, 2020 in Sega Akihabara 5th for players itching to try out the game.

Here’s the trailer:

Initial D The Arcade is in development for arcades in Japan.

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