Interstellaria’s Trailer Parodies The Cheesy Recruitment Ads Of Starship Troopers



If you’ve watched Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi action movie Starship Troopers you’ll probably remember the cheesy military recruitment adverts. The ones that go “Would you like to know more?” It’s perhaps the film’s strongest satire of the U.S. military.


It’s these ads that developer Coldrice Games mimics in the trailer for upcoming space exploration and crew management sim Interstellaria. Along with this new trailer Coldrice has announced that the game will be out for Windows, Mac, and Linux on July 17th.



It’s being published by Chucklefish, the creators of Starbound, and if you look a little closer at Interstellaria you can see why that studio would be interested in it – there are some similar design philosophies. For starters, Interstellaria is entirely made of pixel art (which Chucklefish seems drawn to), and features an open galaxy to explore, mixing up tactical crew management, ship customization, as well as fleet and land-based combat on alien planets.


In short, you’re looking to stay alive while going on adventures and making a profit. You control multiple ships, looking over the crew as they each develop their own traits over time (presuming you keep them alive), and exploring the unique ships, aliens, and mysteries the galaxy has to offer.



You’ll be able to purchase Interstellaria on Steam. You can find out more about it on its website.

Chris Priestman