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Inti Creates’ New Switch Game Dragon Marked For Death Was Previously An Online Game For 3DS



During Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase, we got a first look at a new Inti Creates game called Dragon Marked For Death, but Siliconera previously reported on the game in 2011 when it was being made as an online 3DS game.


The footage begins at the 14:36 mark of the video, where we get a first look at Dragon Marked For Death, the side-scrolling action RPG that you can play solo or with up to three other friends via online or local co-op. In this game, you’ll forge a pact with a dragon to gain new strengths.


There’s a variety of classes to pick from, for example you can protect your party as a Warrior, become the Empress of attack power, fool your foes as a Shinobi trickster, or use a Witch’s magic to heal and attack. The game boasts 30 enormous quests for hours to fight through.


Siliconera first heard about the title back in October 2011 when speaking to Grand Knights History producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto, who said “Grand Knights History has been in development for a long time, but Dragon Marked for Death has been in development for even longer.”


At the time it was a pretty big deal for Marvelous who went into its first major foray with an online enabled game in Grand Knights History. Hashimoto-san said at the time that Dragon Marked For Death was still in development and things were coming along quite well, but it wasn’t at a point where they could announce anything.


The game changed platforms once before Hashimoto confirmed exclusively to Siliconera that Dragon Marked For Death would be a 3DS game. “The online is going to be amazing, but we can’t announce anything else right now, though,” the producer said at the time.


We knew that the game was being developed by Inti Creates at the time, but now that the game was finally announced, we got a closer look at the staff involved in the making, and it features many key staff from Mega Man 9, Megaman Zero series, and Megaman ZX series.


Here’s the list from the game’s official website:


Director: Ryota Ito

  • Mega Man Zero series (Director)
  • Mega Man ZX series (Director)
  • Mega Man 9 (Director)
  • Mega Man 10 (Director)


Character Desiigner: Toru Nakayama

  • Mega Man Zero 1-3 (Character Designer, Illustrator)
  • Mega Man ZX (Character Designer)


Chief Character Graphics Designer: Hirokatsu Maeda

  • Mega Man Zero 1-3 (Character Graphics)
  • Mega Man Zero 4 (Character Designer, Illustrator)
  • Mega Man ZX series (Character Graphics)
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt series (Character Graphics)
  • Blaster Master Zero (Character Graphics)


Scenario Writer (Planning), World Planner: Makoto Yabe

  • Mega Man Zero series (Sound Director, Sound Producer)
  • Mega Man ZX series (Sound Director, Sound Producer)
  • Mega Man 9 (Sound Director, Sound Producer)
  • Mega Man 10 (Sound Director, Sound Producer)
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt series (Sound Director, Sound Producer)
  • Blaster Master Zero (Sound Director, Sound Producer)


Main Programmer: Akihiro Shishido

  • Mega Man Zero series (Programmer)
  • Mega Man ZX series (Main Programmer)


Lead Programmer: Shinichi Sema

  • Mega Man Zero series (Programmer)
  • Mega Man 9 (Main Programmer)


Producer: Takuya Aizu

  • Mega Man Zero series (Main Programmer, Producer)
  • Mega Man ZX series (Producer)
  • Mega Man 9 (Producer)
  • Mega Man 10 (Producer)
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt series (Producer)
  • Blaster Master Zero (Producer)


Dragon Marked For Death releases this winter exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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