Level-5 is taking The Little Battlers Wars’ next fight to the Nintendo 3DS as a strategy RPG. Here’s a look at some of the teams that will be competing with Arata on the cardboard battlefield.


The main character of The Little Battlers Wars, Arata Sena, is part of class 5 of the 2nd year students. The class consists of five different cardboard warrior platoons. Four platoons that will be competitively fighting side-by-side against talented fellow LBX players have been introduced. We’ve reported some of them before, but here’s a closer look.


Second Platoon


Contrary to his looks, Second Platoon captain Gendo Isogai is a calm character who doesn’t speak much. He is an excellent leader who is heavily trusted by his comrades. He is from the noble Isogai family and his butler, Renjirou Ayabe is always seen by his side.


Along with Gendo, Taiga Hamasaki and Seiryu Kishikawa are players of the Second Platoon. Rinko Namino has the role of the platoon mechanic, who are in charge of maintenance and weapon development, unlike the players who operate tiny robots called LBXs to fight. Each platoon consists of three players and a mechanic.


Third Platoon


Rikuya Toukou is a polite captain of the Third Platoon, who seems to distance himself from other people with his cold tone. He isn’t too active on the frontlinesand shows little compassion when his subordinates get their LBX destroyed. For this reason, he is known as a “friend killer” by other students.


From left to right: Third Platoon players in Akito Tanishita and Shin Yamana, along with mechanic Kouta Asahina.


Fourth Platoon


Catherine Ruth is the highly competitive, yet small captain of the all-girl Fourth Platoon. Skill-wise, she has very high potential, but she lets her emotions get the best of her at times and often has to be soothed by her teammates.


The Fourth Platoon’s other players are the pink-haired Hanako Sonoyama and Kashima Yuno. The girl with long purple hair is their mechanic, Kiyoka Sendo.


Fifth Platoon


The cleanly and narcissistic Kite Fuujin leads the Fifth Platoon. He often makes cynical remarks while looking down on other people. It might not look this way, but Kaito was actually raised in a rather poor family, which may be the reason he dislikes Gendo, who belongs to a noble family.


Tadashi Fukino and Nozomi Sasagawa are the players of the Fifth Platoon. On the very right is the mechanic, Bunta Arashiyama.


The Little Battlers Wars is currently in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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