Introducing Project X Zone 2’s Aty, Ciel, and Hibana

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Part of the fun of entries in the Project X Zone is getting to see how characters from different companies and franchises interact with one another. Getting to see people we love banter with others we care about is entertaining. But, sometimes the games can stump us with unfamiliar faces. Project X Zone 2 has a few of them, which we’ll be reintroducing today.

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aty project x zone 2


The first is Aty, from Summon Night. She’s actually so popular in that series that she’s appeared in multiple installments. Our first encounter with her will be Summon Night 5, when GaijinWorks localizes it, but her first appearance was Summon Night 3, where she was the lead heroine. There, she was a kind woman who was part of the army, but resigned after her mercy toward an enemy spy had her set him free, only for him to take a hostage. She then ended up becoming a tutor for the family of the hostage she rescued, but eventually ended up wielding the magical sword Shartos and became guardian of the Forsaken Island. In Summon Night 5, we’ll see her as the Savorle Resonance School principal.


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Ciel is another Project X Zone 2 heroine, and originally appeared in God Eater 2. She’s a member of the Blood forces of Fenrir, which means she’s one of the few people in the world who can awaken the Power of Blood and use Blood Arts. (The hero of God Eater 2 is a member as well.) She’s a little socially awkward, due to a strict upbringing where she was taught to only and always follow the rules. Her trademark abilities in her original game are Sensitive and Enemy HP Vision, which show Aragami on the map and their health.


project x zone 2 hibana

Hibana is the last Project X Zone 2 heroine we’ll meet today, and she might actually look familiar. She’s the protagonist of the PlayStation 2 game Nightshade, sequel to Shinobi. Her goal in her original game is to gather pieces of Hotsuma’s Akujiki sword. She’s a government agent who hopes to use the sword to banish hellspawn from Tokyo after it’s restored, and also happens to be distantly related to the Oboro family. Perhaps she’ll still have the sword in Project X Zone 2?


Project X Zone 2 will be released on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 15. It will come to other regions in early 2016.

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