Inverness Nights Follows A Immortal Tailor Trying To Break Up With His Boyfriend



    Inverness Nights casts players as immortal tailor Tristram Rose, a man gifted with the ability to fix clothing as well as people. A spat with Tristram’s boyfriend, however, now has the law coming for him, forcing the immortal man to decide whether he wants to save his relationship or work to build funds in order to flee.


    Set in Inverness, Scotland in 1750, Inverness Nights offers players several options on how to proceed. They can try to get away from the city, but to do so, they need money, which they can get from taking on a commission from Shell Azzara. However, Shell has her own issues, which players can choose to help her work through, but that is also time-consuming, as is trying to clear things up with the player’s boyfriend. It’s up to the player whether they work on love, friendship, or work to solve Tristram’s problems.

    No matter which route players take, there will be several possible endings depending on how well they completed their chose task. Each path through the game is expected to take ninety minutes, according to the developer.


    Players who wish to try their hand at being an immortal tailor can try Inverness Nights’ demo, or grab the full game, from its site.

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