Invisigun Heroes, Like Bomberman If Everyone Was Invisible


Invisigun Heroes is a stealth multiplayer deathmatch game currently in its final hours on Kickstarter. Think of it like classic multiplayer Bomberman, except everyone is invisible.


Key to making this work is the grid-based movement which lets you keep track of where you are on the battle arena. However, when you do move, you’re at risk at exposing your position as footsteps can give you away.


But that’s not all, the arenas are rife with disturbances (including hazards and weather effects) that can catch you off-guard and temporarily reveal your location. You have to be highly aware of everything around your character as the tension builds.


Invisigun Heroes has a variety of heroes with different special abilities, up to four players in online and offline play, and 50 maps, and instant replays.


The team behind the game are hoping to raise $32,000 to secure Invisigun Heroes for a release on PC (Windows, Mac, and, Linux) while achieving the $40,000 stretch goal could also bring it to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U.

Chris Priestman