Iratus: Lord Of The Dead Mixes Evil Lair Building And Turn-Based Hero Slaying


Iratus: Lord of the Dead will have players working to free a Necromancer from their imprisonment, doing so by improving their underground hideout, which will in turn help them raise an undead army used to battle heroes in challenging turn-based combat.


With an inspiration drawn from the question “what if Dungeon Keeper met Darkest Dungeon?”, Iratus: Lord of the Dead mixes up elements of dungeon crafting as well as turn-based, ruthless combat. Players will be in charge of improving the Necromancer’s lair, which will in turn help them bolster their powers and call upon stronger undead to assist them in their return to the surface world.

While doing this, players will have to deal with smart, capable heroes coming to attack them. Players will need to use a variety of fifty undead minions to fight back with, using each monster’s unique powers and attacks to slay the heroes. Doing this will reward the player with valuable body parts that can be used to create more undead, allowing the player to fill up their ranks as they kill heroes.


Iratus: Lord of the Dead aims to release on Steam Early Access in late May, with a Kickstarter beginning on May 2.

Alistair Wong
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