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Iron Crypticle Channels Gauntlet With Its Top-Down Shooting & Food-Collecting


The washed-up kingsguard will have to get their act together after the princess and royal treasure are stolen in Iron Crypticle, a top-down shooter that will have players combing through catacombs for food, treasure, and dangerous thrills.


Iron Crypticle will have one to four players all set out throughout the twisting dungeons in search of the missing princess and treasures. Players will be able to use their varied ranged abilities to pulverize the hordes of monsters that get in their way, and for each monster they defeat, they’ll find treasures and food. However, players will have to balance rushing out to grab these handy items, which boost experience and allow character upgrades, with avoiding the rest of the dozens of monsters that are rushing their way.

Players can upgrade their character’s speed, damage, weapon range, and duration through these experience upgrades, as well as through a shop run by a friendly cat. Players may also choose to spend some time in the arcade room as well, playing some silly platforming games to win prizes that will let them power up their characters even further.


Improving monster-crushing abilities will help, but smart choice of route can also help. Players will have some choice as to which rooms they tackle as they move through the dungeon, with some providing more danger or treasures than others. It will be up to the player to learn which route and rooms they should take.

Iron Crypticle is available now on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.

Alistair Wong
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