Ironside VShojo PC Line Orders Paused Until Restock

VShojo PC

People were told they had six months to purchase a special Ironside VShojo PC, but it seems initial stock is now sold out. Ironside took to Twitter to announce that new orders were temporarily paused until a restocking could be arranged.

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In its message, Ironside thanked fans for their enthusiasm, and said that “there is a reason” the cases and PCs are marked as “out of stock.” The “initial pre-order” completely sold through, despite people having until July 2023 to buy one. Those who successfully bought an Ironside VShojo PC case or pre-built unit will have theirs shipped out in March 2023.

Ironside promised that that it is working with its suppliers to ensure a restock. Once additional stock is confirmed, more waves of orders can be taken. The estimated ship date will likely be adjusted compared to the first wave. Ironside encouraged people to keep an eye on the official Twitter account for more announcements about the status of the VShojo PC line.

The Ironmouse VShojo PC line consists of several PC cases featuring art of the following VTubers:

  • Ironmouse
  • Nyatasha Nyanners
  • Apricot the Lich
  • Amemiya Nazuna
  • Zentreya
  • Kson
  • Haruka Karibu
  • Projekt Melody,
  • Hime Hajime
  • Silvervale

Other VTuber cases were planned, including one for Veibae, but aren’t available yet.

The VShojo PC cases were sold alone for $219 USD, or as part of a pre-built PC setup starting at $1,100 USD. Components included in the pre-built rigs ranged from an Intel i3 CPU with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 to a near top-of-the-line setup using a Core i7 processor and an RTX 4080.

Ironside will update interested buyers on the line’s restock status when more units become available.

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