Have you heard of Hills and Rivers Remain? It’s a mobile phone game where you order a group of units to take over towns. Items like hold, speed, defense, and shield orbs can boost your forces and protect conquered land.


Hills and Rivers Remain isn’t a full blown strategy RPG. It’s more like a mix of tower defense and the world map from Dragon Force where units automatically invade towns. Even though it’s just a cell phone game, Square Enix included a story mode where you lead Alan and his army to victory. Beyond story mode there is a free play mode and a downloadable maps.


So, why do we think Hills and Rivers Remain may come out in the West? Square Enix recently filed a trademark for Hills and Rivers Remain in North America and Europe. Seems like it’s more than a protective trademark since the game came out in Japan in May. Perhaps, they’re going to pull a Crystal Defenders and port Hills and Rivers Remain to the iPhone and every digital platform available.


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